Dispute resolution

We assist clients by resolution of their disputes. We mediate, negotiate and try to resolve disputes amicably.

We represent clients in court and arbitration proceedings. A recipe for success is quite simple: it is reliability, simplicity and good impression.

Reliability results from our knowledge of substantive law and procedures. It means meticulous preparation of the proceeding strategy, meticulous analyses and meticulous preparation of writs and legal argumentation.

Simplicity means our ability to clearly and intelligibly present complicated factual and legal circumstances.

Good impression means neat attire, good manners and pleasant demeanour.

All this for the person (judge, arbitrator) resolving the dispute of our client to perceive us and our clients as those who are right with respect to the law, but also as those whose rights deserve assistance and protection.

Please feel invited to use our services: biuro@opclegal.pl | tel.: +48 793 384 396

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