Tax law

We provide comprehensive assistance by solving tax problems, we support the clients in the scope of proper performance of tax obligations.

Our practice covers issues concerning income tax, tax on goods and services (VAT), tax on civil-law transactions and local taxes.

We assist our clients by preparation of applications to the tax authorities for issue of a written interpretation of the provisions of law, application for removal of an infringement of law, as well as complaints to administrative courts. We advise by proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

We assist by selection of solutions allowing to attain the business objective by a minimum tax burden. Depending on the client’s needs, we search for solutions making it possible to minimize the tax expenses of the day-to-day activity, payment of profit or closing of the operated activity.

We provide advice on each stage of the planned transactions of merger, transformation and demerger of companies.

Please feel invited to use our services: iwona.osiak@opclegal.pl | tel.: +48 793 384 396

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